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How You Can Bring Harmony to our Communities: Support OYC

1) Donate to OYC!

Whether it is a one-time donation or a recurring monthly gift, every donation helps OYC bring high-quality music education that unites our communities and transforms students’ lives. You can DONATE NOW online or send a check directly to our office.

To see how your workplace can match your gift, or find out more about planned giving options, contact Keri Butkevich at

2) Share your passion about OYC with others!

3) Shop via our Affinity Partners.

Donate to OYC by just buying groceries or doing online shopping! Registering with the following programs means that a portion of money you spend on groceries, gifts and everyday purchases goes to support OYC programs. Contact Keri Butkevich at for more details.

4) Recruit students for OYC!

We are registering singers ages 5 to 21. Contact La Nell Martin at

5) Send our youth on tour!

We need parents, alumni, and supporters to help with fundraising for local and extended tours. For more information contact Keri Butkevich at

6) Volunteer with OYC!

OYC always needs a little extra help with projects, events, and other tasks. We need people who can:

  • Usher or sell tickets at concerts and rehearsals
  • Assist in assembling mailings
  • Make calls for programs ads, sponsorships, and our annual auction
  • Support our joint rehearsals and community events (chaperone, checking in students, snacks)
  • Promote upcoming events with their networks
  • Assist in office projects
  • Provide translation support
  • Take photos and videos of classes for marketing and grant applications

To volunteer for OYC, simply fill out THIS FORM. Or for more information, contact