Our Mission

The Oakland Youth Chorus unites diverse communities and transforms young people’s lives through excellence in music education and community performance.

Founded in 1974, the Oakland Youth Chorus (OYC) is the longest running youth chorus in the East Bay. Our work focuses on creating and sustaining programs of high educational and artistic merit that are accessible to and supportive of children and youth from all backgrounds.

OYC welcomes and serves all children and youth, celebrates their cultures and unique strengths, and connects them to each other in the East Bay to use their voices for change needed to bring harmony to our world. We accomplish this through joyful and affirming music education and performance programs that focus on musical excellence at all levels while nurturing the development of the whole child. Community performances provide opportunities
for singers to connect across neighborhoods, foster greater community engagement, and engage in the arts as service learning experiences.

OYC singers develop self-confidence, respect for the music of several cultures, strong friendships and community engagement, and a lifelong love of music.


Our Vision

Miracles-ConcertThrough empowering children and youth by creating safe, joyful opportunities to
express themselves and connect through the arts, Oakland Youth Chorus changes the lives that will transform our communities and our world.

Because connection strengthens us, we sing together. While creating harmony, we
instill the skills and values that prepare and empower youth to lead social change in our community.

OYC programs build multicultural understanding and respect, intentionally bringing together
Oakland children and youth from different neighborhoods and cultural backgrounds. Our highly
experienced teaching staff has authentic experience living, teaching, and performing around the world, and is skilled in the music of Latin America, the African Diaspora, Europe, and North
America in particular. OYC has thoughtfully established a culturally diverse repertoire that
teaches the historical and social context of music, enhancing the understanding of and respect
for diverse cultural traditions and heritages.